A Historical Journey Through Contract Law in Ghana

The evolution of contract law in Ghana unfolds as a captivating narrative, weaving together centuries of tradition, colonial influence, and post-independence legal reforms. In the pre-colonial era, Ghana’s diverse ethnic groups relied on customary agreements rooted in trust and community. However, the advent of British colonial rule ushered in English contract law principles, ushering in a dual legal system that harmonized Western legal concepts with traditional customs. Following Ghana’s independence in 1957, legal reforms, including the Contracts Act of 1960, codified contract law and established a comprehensive framework that bridged the gap between customary practices and imported colonial norms. Today, Ghana’s dynamic contract law continues to evolve, harmonizing tradition and modernity, while fostering international trade, safeguarding fundamental rights, and paving the way for a promising legal future.

Good contracts drive our business

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the reliance on good contracts has become paramount. These legally binding agreements not only protect the interests of all parties involved but also provide a solid foundation for successful collaborations and transactions. From ensuring clear terms and conditions to establishing dispute resolution mechanisms, good contracts serve as the backbone of a thriving business ecosystem.

Swearing Affidavits: A Crucial Step in Legal Proceedings

Introduction: Swearing affidavits is an essential component of legal proceedings worldwide. Whether in civil or criminal cases, affidavits serve as sworn statements that provide crucial evidence or information to support a party’s claims or defenses. This article delves into the significance of swearing affidavits, the process involved, and the legal implications surrounding this essential practice. 1. Understanding Affidavits: An affidavit […]

Why you need a will

As humans, we are never certain of the future and what it holds. This uncertainty highlights the importance of having a clear understanding of our assets and how they will be distributed after our demise. Therefore, documenting the intended distribution of assets through a legal document, commonly referred to as a will or testament, becomes essential. A will or testament […]

Florida Justice System

Under Florida law, all those who took part in a fatal robbery are equally guilty of murder irrespective of the part played in the crime. My view is that if the law says that about robberies then why are drunk drivers who kill someone not charged with first degree murder too because they have also killed someone during the process […]

Copyright Fraud

Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property, and taking action against infringement, has actually become extremely difficult in the modern international business world. If you do have a concern that involves proprietary information or about copyright fraud, then in some cases a private investigation agency could be an ideal choice for assistance. Perhaps this is even more the case in less […]

Everything to Know About American Law

American legal system. In the years since the publication of the fourth edition, there have been many important developments on the legal front. The Supreme Court has issued important decisions on presidential powers, freedom of religion, and personal liberty. Police shootings and the rise of Black Lives Matter has impacted the court system too. The rise of arbitration at the […]

The Foot Soldiers of Our Constitution

One wishes there were more such citizens.’ — Romila Thapar Who is Teesta Setalvad? For the Hindu Right, she is a dangerous impediment to India’s onward march to ‘glory.’ This is the story of the real Teesta – inheritor of the best and most progressive traditions of India’s struggle for freedom, a ceaseless and courageous fighter for justice. In these […]