Florida Justice System

Under Florida law, all those who took part in a fatal robbery are equally guilty of murder irrespective of the part played in the crime.

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My view is that if the law says that about robberies then why are drunk drivers who kill someone not charged with first degree murder too because they have also killed someone during the process of committing a crime. That is driving under the influence.

The Florida lawmakers should explain to their people how their community will benefit from locking people up and throwing away the key approach.

In the case of Jennifer Mee, she was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, so what hideous crime did she commit?

Did she murder someone in cold blood?

Well, here are a few facts as I understand them to be;

Jennifer set up a date with a young man via Facebook but she did not have romance on her mind but rather robbery.

The plan was to rob the young man with the assistance of her two male companions, but during the mugging one of Jennifer’s friends shot the victim. I don’t know where Jennifer was when this all took place.

It was never Jennifer’s intention for the victim to be shot (according to Jennifer) and she claims she didn’t even know that one of her friends had a firearm on his presence.

I don’t know what you think about Jennifer but whatever it is, would you feel the same way if she was one of your relatives?

My view is that Florida has changed the meaning of the word murder for whatever reason. I always thought murder was an intentional act and the only intention Jennifer had was to rob her victim.

Murder was not even discussed as far as I know.

The other important point is life without parole sentences.

This may be the only option for some, but not the majority of them.

In Jennifer’s case, her lawyer gave her a 3-5% chance of ever being released, but I cannot fathom out how he came to that conclusion.

Because there is a clemency option for Jennifer subject to certain criteria and one of them is that at least ten years of their sentence must have been served. She has been inside since 19 and is 28 now so has little time to go before she completes ten years.

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